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Charlotte Free in WildFox Summer 2013

hannabeth Nov 19, 2011

charlotte free is going to be the face of the 2013 summer collection for wild fox.

photos are taken by terry richardson..

what more could you ask for? amazing model, brand & photographer? epic.

do you think charlotte was the perfect fit for the collection?



hannabeth Nov 18, 2011

besides doom generation being one of my favorite films.. it is also a huge fashion inspiration for me!!

the character amy blue has this chic mod style that is totally killer..

check out how to get the look!

1. ruby woo red lipstick from mac cosmetics 

2. clear plastic coat from hello kitty x forever 21 collection 

3. white cat eye sunglass from www.asos.com


Sicky Leopard

hannabeth Nov 11, 2011

today had the perfect weather for a sick day.. i have worn myself down & my body needed a day of rest.. i am so excited for the launch of the new sober is sexy season.. the leopard i am drugs tank is my favorite.. i am currently lounging in my victorias secret pink leopard one peice, watching sponge bob, getting ready to pass out.. hot tea & ZzzZzzz.. for me. 

here is the back of the one piece.. super cute.. right?


GUESS WHAT??? Sober Is Sexy Season Two is Out NOW!

hannabeth Nov 11, 2011


Click HERE To Check It Out 


11 - 11 - 11

hannabeth Nov 04, 2011

it's coming.. SOBER IS SEXY season two..

are you ready? xoxo

Shop Till You Drop

hannabeth Oct 28, 2011

this morning renee, lauren and i went to the Wildfox sample sale downtown.. AND the Motel one next door.. so many good finds.. i am never buying anything full price again.. ha ha! everything goes on sale eventually and you can find so many good deals online.. 

here are a few of my wildfox finds.. the red dress is epic.. so in love

and a few of my Motel goodies..


Behind the Scenes of the New Sober Is Sexy Season Photo Shoot

hannabeth Oct 25, 2011

i'm so excited for the newest Sober Is Sexy collection! we shot the new look book at this gorgeous mansion in bel air (the same one mullholland drive was filmed at) around the beautiful pool, and the photos came out amazing. here's a sneak peek at the line and the shoot, the whole collection will be available soon, so stay tuned to our WEBSITE and TWITTER!





Chickyyy Time

hannabeth Oct 20, 2011

had such a wonderful day hanging & shooting with my girl natalia.. the first look was a bit of a glam seventies punk.. the second look i was in a bath, covered in bubbles, with bright red lips and cat sunglasses.. i can't wait to see all the shots.. 

i wish i could stay in the moment.. my mind tends to wander and it's hard for me to live in the now.. i over think everything and obsess on an outcome that hasn't even happened yet.. i worry until i make myself sick.. i can never be content.. i constantly have something on my mind.. something that isn't right.. something that makes me anxious.. i know everything is always going to be ok but why can't my mind settle with that.. with time i hear this gets easier.. i want to feel present in that moment.. not in an alternative reality having to guess if this was a dream or not.. my mind is a mess.. oh well.. 



hannabeth Oct 17, 2011

my mom and her friends shot this documentary "Canne Without A Plan" and I need your help on getting it the most "likes" on youtube so they can win the arclight screening contest..

it would mean a lot to me if you have a youtube account that you go & vote for their preview!!

it's such a funny documentary..

click HERE to go vote 

thank you so so soooo much


Time For An Upgrade

hannabeth Oct 07, 2011

i finally retired my blackberry and moved on to an iphone.. i now understand why people are so in love with them!! i wish i had caught on sooner.. ha ha

i joined instagram too!! no more fakes!! my username is BarbieBeth

this is my first photo ive taken with it.. the new case i made for my iphone

what do you think?

last night natalia and i finally hung out!! it had been ages and we needed some girl time to catch up.. we also took a few polaroids for the book she is working on..


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