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hannabeth May 14, 2007
so i thought i was make a journal with a few other photos from the recent skelanimal shoot. we should be shooting again later this month and the ads should hit magazines this summer! i will be posting all the warped tour dates im attending soon as well! so try and come out to a few!

my wisdom teeth situation is finally healing and my face is swelling down..

photoshoot with shutterclick friday!


bleeding gums.

hannabeth May 11, 2007
finally back to los angeles. bamboozle was great. i got to meet tons of great people, hang with some good friends, and audrey + i danced on stage with jeffree for his last song of his preformance. while we were there we stayed at the hilton hotel. they had the worst service and no one was nice who worked there. the first day of bamboozle was extremely hot and the second day was extremely cold. i didnt really get to watch that many bands play, but i still had fun. before bamboozle i got a new tattoo, its a pink cupcake with a turquoise bow on my wrist. brett also got a tattoo that day which said "my life, my way" with a skull and dagger. if you have ever been to philly you would know "wawa" which is a 711 type store. i love their green tea and sanwiches..

at 10a.m i got my wisdom teeth pulled. i am still dizzy and out of it from the operation. my face is a little swollen and im surviving on cold water and mashed patatoes. my new addiction is banana boss, which is this japanese character and 2 foot ugly dolls, i want them all. i want to paint my bathroom next week. a light purple with pink bubbles sprayed on. im going to go lay back down, because im still not feeling my best, but i will be updating soon.

things coming up:
+ more skelanimal ads
+ nylan interview & photo
+ warped tour
+ weenie roast

xo HannaBeth

give em hell.

hannabeth May 04, 2007
right now audrey and i just got home from seeing the movie land of women.. and the preview for it was very misleading.. and i was slightly dissapointment when i actually watched it.. now we are at home, making tutu's for bamboozle tomorrow, then face masks and sleep.

basically.. thursday night...

so ..audrey and i went to a bar/dance club in philly last night. we had rainbow leotards on with tutus and tiaras... to say the least NO ONE  liked it. some nasty guy frank pushed audrey and i into the bathroom and was being crazy. this led to our good friend fetus standing up for us. this later escalated into frank punching fetus in the face numerous times and breaking his skateboard. somehow frank was in a headlock and audrey and i ran over to the middle of street where he was and started punching him in the head in our rainbow tutu tiara extravaganza. THEN 3 lesbians came over and called audrey and i whores, so we stood up for ourselves and they started throwing punches. thank god audreys  friend jacie who stepped in and took all of them on while they stole her car keys and phone. a huge riot broke out with hundreds people..tons of cops came and instead of helping us they started harassing us. i ended up walking away and then through hellokitty bandaids in the girls face.we ended up taking a 50$ cab ride and getting lost in camden. the lesibians tried to threaten to  burn audreys house down. warrents. this doesnt even describe everything in full detail. just another night. live goes on. you take what you can get and run with it, youll always win in the end.

bamboozle tomorrow. come say hi. we'll be walking around in our booty shorts and red lipstick.. the most white trash people in town. get into it. its 2007. make it count.



My Bamboozle Blog.

hannabeth May 01, 2007
so this year for Bamboozle Audrey and I are going to be blogging for the Buzznet Bamboozle Page.

They have asked us to name 5 bands that we are the most excited to see at Bamboozle and then explain why.. I don't really listen to any of the bands that our playing.. but.. since i have to pick 5... i would choose..
brand new, because ive always liked them. all of their albums were great. playradioplay.. because he makes all the music himself, and he's super young, plus its good, and the boy can sing. MC Hammer.. because thats fucking rediculous.. Weird Al.. because he's the worst and last but not least.. MUSE!

ive only heard a few songs, but everything ive heard, ive liked.. so there you go buzznet.. my bamboozle blog!!!!

in other news.. today audrey and i shot for skelanimals which does a lot of work with hot topic, the photos should turn out cute, they were taken by michelle star who is amazing! last night i got to hangout with my good friend zach who i hadn't seen for centuries!!! before that audrey and i bought some new phone charms at momoberry and then went to koi for sushi..

Tomorrow we fly to philly.. 9a.m. flight!! going to be exhausted. bloody marys and trashey mags. nodar just showed up at my door, he's totally different but hes still amazing. i miss his insane outfits.. now he has a beard.. oh nodar.. bangbangbang!!!

the rinestone junkie

hannabeth Apr 29, 2007
another night out. saturday night with ali and puppy. the night started at a going away party in silverlake for this boy named jordan, who i didnt know until last night. when we walked in we were given name tags and offered red velvet cake. as we were getting our tags 3 girls walked by and the last one was shooting dirty looks our way..

we ended up in the kicthen, talking with our friend lisa. the 3 girls were across the room, and the one in a stupid white dress kept yelling shit like "some fucking bitch in here better stop talking shit"... i had said nothing, nor had my friends.. just some dumb drunk girl trying to start drama.. we then went outside where ali got her hair pulled and two boys asked if we liked their belt buckles.. which were their balls.. really mature.. one of the girls from the kitchen came up to me actting all sarcastic, and apologizing for getting off on the wrong foot.. shes a liar.. i hate fake people who consume their lives with drama.. grow up.

skelanimals shoot monday and shooting. its their new ad campaign.. so should be in a lot of magazines. ive been talking a lot with the owner of the clothing company 6 barrel hooligun.. and were working out warped tour dates.. so expect me on atleast 2 weeks of warped tour.. maybe more?

ali and i are going to start working on a accessories line..
should be really cute!

today has been great. ali and i went to real food daily and got a great vegan brunch..

followed by manicures and pedicures.. got all black on the toes and black and pink on my hands.. tonight were going to the coachella after party at vine bar, tomorrow zach gets to town for one night, its been forever. i want more tattoo's, sushi from koi, to paint my bathroom a peach color with bubbles spray painted on and to watch the movie dream a little dream.

wednesday i leave to philly.
photoshoots galore, bamboozle.

california rolls.

hannabeth Apr 26, 2007
last night was the final night i got to spend with my boys from shadows fall. i'm going to miss them all. last nights show was at the wiltern. ali and i went for about 30 minutes, then went to california roll for some sushi.. the anaheim show, which was on tuesday was a complete disaster. the tour manager of stone sour was a complete ass hole to me. i was walking around the back and i was going to come in to watch the bands play and when i opened the door he grabbed my arm extremly hard, and asked where i was going. i showed him my passes and told him i was with shadows fall and i had been on the tour for over a week now.. he kept freaking out and when i told him to let go of my arm he replied with "i dont give a fuck if im hurting you".. yelled in my face some more.. then finally let go.. i rushed to the nearest security guard.. and told them what had happend.. at first i thought it was a staff member of the house of blues, but later i found out it was stone sours tour manager.. he got in a lot of trouble.. and wasnt aloud near me for the rest of the show..

honestly.. no one should act that way to anyone.. he was a grown man.. what an asshole!! haha.

anyways.. last night...

after ali and i finished our rolls and green tea we headed to Youth Group which is DJ Skeet Skeet's new club. he does it every wednesday night. i had a good time. it wasnt too crowded and i got to see a lot of friends i hadnt seen for awhile.

a bunch of new photos posted from my photoshoot with shutterclick photography. photoshoot for franny's summer line happening this weekend. did a feature for Nylon Magazine.. its all about LA fashion.. should be pretty funny.. it was have a photo of me and a short interview i did.. interviews with the stars of the show heroes should be out monday!

until next time..

enjoy life.
don't take everything too seriously.
its ok to let ok sometimes and have some fun.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

bitter sweet

hannabeth Apr 24, 2007
finally home. tour was great, but it ate me alive. 3 hours of sleep and a margarita is not the best combination. vegas was a riot. new york new york rollercoaster, shark attacks, some of the unexpected, and finally falling asleep around 4a.m but being woke up by a drunken paul.. no fun.. the drives were a mess, but i made it through.. stone sour, lacuna coil, shadows fall... everyone was great. cake batter ice cream at the mall followed by blades of glory and a midnight shot.

shot for franny's winter catalog and later this week i will shoot the summer wear. tonight im going to the shadows fall show in anaheim, followed by teddies. last night i interviewed all the stars of the show heroes at their hollywood premier.

did you ever notice how much impact one person could have on your life? they could make you, they could brake you. that one person could make you feel like you were on top of the world, and in a moment of seconds make you feel like you were getting your heart ripped out of your chest. they could make you feel so uncomfortable in your own skin, that you wont know what to do with yourself. they could drive you to insanity. all in a mater of weeks, days, hours, minutes..

she has forgotten how to love.
been so dissapointment so many times.
everything just skips a beat.

i am content with life.
working nonstop till the bitter end.
i want to start writing more,
i want to travel more,
i want to experience life to its fullest.

may 11th the wisdom teeth come out.

get to see audrey in a week. tons of photoshoots, margaritas, and bamboozle.

this is my life.
if you cant except me for who i am,
then you shouldnt be reading my journals,
and looking at my photos.
im not going to change.

thank you.

godzilla brains.

hannabeth Apr 13, 2007
last night was a long drive to the beach in lovely los angeles traffic, followed by a jacuzzi. tonight Skyler and I are going to a T-Mobile party. i've known Skyler since kindergarden, shes the only person ive kept in contact with that long. wednesday night trevor and i went to the academy of television in north hollywood to interview the guys from the HBO show Entourage. a video of the interviews should be posted soon. i'm sick. i have a cold and it wont go away. club hopping with kate. from le deux to moscow to teddys.. only staying for 30 minutes at each. you want to leave when you're having fun still, not when you get bored. vitamin c and green tea is my fix. spicy tuna is all i ever want to eat.

yesterday there were 4 fires in los angeles. the winds were so strong, it felt like a tornado. power went out in a bunch of homes, including my moms. just another day.. marlon is excited about his new school. he already has some friends there, so im sure he'll have no problem fitting in.

why is it whenever i go out i always have to run into someone i know. it could be the grocery store or nail salon.. ill always see someone i know.. its the worst.. in los angeles.. everyone knows everyone.. i'm working on new designs for my clothing line. everything should be done by summer.



Parental Control.

hannabeth Apr 07, 2007
so, ive been getting so many questions about my appearance on parental control, so i thought i would dedicate this blog to answering them. basically i went into mtv for an audition for the show because i thought it would be pretty hilarious if i was actually on it.. a few weeks after my audition mtv had called me and told me to come in for the interview with the parents and that i was probably going to get picked to go on the date. on the day of the interviews the parents were sick, so two men who worked for mtv were actually asking the questions.. 2 days later was my dad with anthony which consisted of me being a tour guide of LA, playing in a fountain and having a picnic. at times during filming they would tell me certain things to say like the skinny dipping comment or how whoever got the most coins would get a kiss. mable wasnt even anthonys girlfriend. she was some girl who worked with him at abercrombie.. ahahha. after i got picked and won, that was it. i never saw anthony again.. he did find my myspace though and ask if i wanted to go to sushi.. haha. so yes, the show is pretty staged, sometimes the couples arent even dating.. and the house we were in wasnt even his house..

other news..

i finally got a new laptop, so i will be updating a lot more now. new videos on the way. one includs a kareoke party at an asians house who was wearing gold hot shorts! so be prepared. 10 more days till i leave for shadows fall tour. if im going to be in your town, make sure to come out to a show! ill also be at bamboozle with audrey. new tattoo on my foot, it says fate. im thinking im getting a new one on my ribs of a lock and a skeleton key.

last words..

so this is how it is.
take whats in front of you,
and turn it into something positive.
when there is no one to talk to,
write. start writing  down everything.
not everyone can express how they feel to one another.
so instead of keeping all your emotions building up inside,
write them on a piece of paper.
then later in life you can look back to it,
and remember exactly how you were feeling at that very moment.

this is reality.
no need to try and disguise.
wearing a mask, covering your true identity.
be who you are.
no one has the right to judge you.
don't use people to gain something worthless.
learn the meaning of a true friendship.

putting all the pieces back together.

hannabeth Apr 02, 2007
Life has been good lately. Everything is starting to fall back into place. I leave for the Shadows Fall tour in two weeks. Apparently, the bus I am staying on has leopard interior, fog machines, a disco ball and a sign the lights up which says "Live Nude". Should be an interesting time.. haha. Yesterday I went to Virgin and bought the new Modest Mouse CD, Pretty Persuation, Rules of Attraction, Camille Rose Garcia's art book, and a book teaching you how to make this weird critters. Right now I am eatting a bowl of captain crunch, while trying to wake up and start my day. Chicken won't stop calling, and texting, and messaging.. and even if I tell him a thousand times to leave me alone, he still doesnt get it.. its the mind of a drug adict. they are all liars, and can't understand when you tell them to leave you alone. Last night Ryan came over and his friend spray painted a giant picture of a gloomy bear fight this rabbit above my bed, it turned out really well, and I should have photos soon. I'm at my moms house right now, its weird being in my old room. It's so different than how it was before, the feeling has changed. I love my new dog Mya. She is a German Shepard. I also have 3 smaller dogs, Marilyn, Ratu and Little Kim. Yes, Little Kim was named after the rapper, I named her in 5th grade.. haha.. and Marilyn is named of Marilyn Monroe.. and Ratu.. his full name is Un-Ratu.. not sure what that means.. my brother Marlon named him.

Until next time..

Don't take anything in life to seriously.
Always know there is always tomorrow.
If people have something mean to say about you, it just means they're insecure.

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